Extraordinary Images of Natural Beauty - so what do I mean by that ?

- Everyone has their own views on what makes up an extraordinary image, for me it has to leap off the page and shout "look at me!" - It's that rare combination of light and subject that ticks all the right boxes in our minds.

It can also mean a different treatment of the subject, different angles and shutter speeds can make a 'normal' image an extraordinary one.

for me is also getting the shot as close to the original experience as possible.

When we look around a scene, our eyes adjust constantly to the light levels as we gaze around it.

But point a camera at the same scene and it simply can't handle the range of light, so we lose detail in highlight and shadow.

To get around this I may use graduated filters to balance the light, or more rarely I combine images of the same scene that were taken with a range of exposure settings.

The first option is the best as merging images together can be a tricky process, and any subject movement will really mess things up for you.

On the rare occasion that I think that an image could do with a bit of enhanced colour, I will make it clear on it's portfolio page.


Beauty - Well I think that speaks for itself - If you open your eyes and take a minute to take in the natural sights around you then you will see their beauty, and this is what I try to capture.