23rd March 2009

A major overhaul and simplification of the site has now been completed.

Many pages are now generated on-the-fly, which makes adding new images much easier for me and opens up the possibility of new features.

EBAY auction requests can no longer be requested from this site, it wasn't that popular - and it doubled the number of pages.

Prices have been increased in line with The Frame Game, but Postage and Packing is now FREE on any order to anywhere in the world.

Now that's done, I can look at adding some new images :-)

7th March 2009

Things have been very quiet over the last few months, and I haven't been putting any images up on EBAY.

I do have some recent pictures of the snow at Bradgate that I'm going to add soon, along with some big changes to the site.

I'm considering dropping the EBAY auction request pages as they haven't been as successful as I'd hoped.

I'm also going to remove the Post and Packing charges from the Paypal shop as it causes all manner of confusion and problems due to the limited options I have to use - International was a bit of a mess !

The cost of the images is due to rise to cover this; and to encourage more people to buy the EBAY auctions when they come up.

Prices will be more in line with 'The Frame Game' - They charge £ 30.00 for one of my large mounted images, so £ 20.00 is about right for an un-mounted one.

I'll also be weeding out images that aren't selling to make a leaner and higher quality portfolio.

Watch this space....

If you want to grab some of my images at the old prices or request EBAY auctions, then do it quickly !

19th September 2008

Someone has just bought 4 framed images of Bradgate Park through The Frame Game which was a bit of good news :-)

I've also removed the (c) text from the large image samples as I though it too distracting. The image quality has also been improved.

Those with a slower connection might find the screen drawing a bit slow - hopefully this won't be too much of a problem. Your computers cache should speed things up eventually.

The actual resolution of the large images is only 1/3 rd of a Meg - So while they look good on the screen, they won't produce a worthwhile print.

27th August 2008

A bit of programming later, and I'm now able to individually price images based on popularity.

A few most popular images have Auction and Purchase price increased, while many more with lesser sales - which includes ones just added to the portfolio - have had their prices reduced.

The majority stay as they are.

Being in stock also has an affect on the price for those images which are now cheaper. The lower price is only effective when the image is in stock when the web site is being updated.

The multi-pack offers are still currently based on the average price of an image, so you could make some big savings by purchasing 3 or more of the more popular images at once.

15th August 2008

I'm back...

The best you could say about the weather in Cornwall was that it was 'interesting'.

Several hundred images to look through - but I don't think there will be too many additions to my portfolio this time ...

If you're looking for a cheap tent, then I recon there will be a few on EBAY over the next few weeks - it might be a bit soggy though !

29th July 2008

I'm off on holiday from August the 1st to the 15th, hopefully adding some more special images to my portfolio.

I'll be away from the internet and even email, so apologies in advance if you need to contact me in that time.

Fingers crossed that the Weather will be better than last year down Cornwall - We couldn't get past Evesham due to the floods last time, and had to try again later.

5th July 2008

A new Widemouth beach image, and a new section with nine Sunrise images. If these prove popular then I'll be setting the alarm clock early again this year!

28th June 2008

Auction request and Paypal prices have now gone up by a little under the percentage increases I'm now facing from my own suppliers - A couple of days past my previous deadline !

They are still an incredible bargain, and in most cases you will struggle to get your own images printed for the same cost !

I may still put image auctions on EBAY for less, so keep your eyes peeled for special offer auctions...

21st June 2008

I've had to increase the P&P on EBAY auctions to keep up with the Post Office.

I've also just been informed that my printing costs are also to increase by around 25% at the end of this month, and I'll be looking to increase the Auction and Paypal prices to match.

I'm looking at the 26th as the last day before prices have to go up.

Sorry everyone, but photography isn't immune to the increases in raw material and oil costs.

13th May 2008

2 New Bradgate and 2 New Duckpool images have been added.

20th April 2008

New Multi pack options have been added saving you more than 40% off the Paypal price if you buy 10 images.

19th April 2008

I've made some changes to the Paypal prices - Small and Medium images go up, and Large Images come down.

The EBAY auction start prices remain the same, but Large images are down to £ 2.95.

15th April 2008

Happy birthday to me !

Two more black rock images added.

13th April 2008

Two more images from the New Forest, and 8 new images from Bradgate Park taken during the recent and short-lived snowfall.

30th Mar 2008

I've been busy over the last few weeks putting the final touches to my System aXs product - which has nothing to do with photography.

But if you're looking for an excellent and cheap password manager, then it's worth checking it out.

I hope to add some new images over the next week or two. The new forest images in particular seem to be taking off, and I have plenty more where they came from.

Some of you may have noticed the problem with the site over the last week with the image prices.

Sorry about that - it was due to me losing some data during a PC rebuild. The site is now fully operational again.

20th Feb 2008

I've had to revise the postage slightly to allow for better packaging of your prints.

The old £ 0.95 P&P is retained up to £ 4.99, but steps up to £ 1.95 at Five Pounds.

For multiple Medium sized purchases this will allow picture tubes to be used instead of envelopes.

Picture tubes are more expensive to post than envelopes, but offer much greater protection.

Finally - One more Duckpool image has been added, and there are several more in the pipeline.

12th Feb 2008

New Multi-Packs in the Paypal Shop

You can save over 30 %

3rd Feb 2008

Six new images added today, and a new Equestrian section.

More to follow.

18th January 2008

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year :-)

I've made a few changes to the way that Auction Requests work, please see the Prices page.

In fairness to other EBAY users, I can no longer guarantee the auction requester an image.

If you don't win then you can put another request in. Or you could even visit my Paypal Shop and buy one directly.

16th Dec 2007 23:09

The multi-auction is now sorted - For some reason the HTML didn't take and I had to rewrite the code.

They are now properly live on EBAY.

16th Dec 2007

Tonight Ill be launching three special Christmas auctions.

Each auction will be for Three images of your choice from the ones displayed.

These are all in stock and ready to be sent out for Christmas Delivery.

You can still request other auctions which will also last for 3-days.

27th Nov 2007

A weekend and a bit of coding, and several hours searching through Paypal and EBAY have enabled me to build a database of individual image feedback. Now all images with EBAY feedback will have it included on their portfolio pages and in any EBAY listing. So you can see what others thought of the image that you're looking at.

No feedback is hidden - It's all there, and so far it's all good :-)

8th November 2007

I've looked at the postal charges today, and after sourcing cheaper packing materials I've been able to make some reductions.

Small Images for example are now posted for only £ 0.69 and medium for £ 0.79.

A lesser reduction on the large images has been made as the postal tubes and postage costs cost a lot more.

All new and existing auctions will benefit from these changes.

You can still add extra images for only 20 pence.

1st November 2007

The two lost orders finally turned up, two weeks after posting 1st class.

Thankfully the two buyers were extremely patient and honest about the whole thing.

I was ready to send replacements, but they told me today that the originals had arrived safely.

Thank you :-)

28th October 2007

The post seems to be back to normal with items getting there next day.

Unfortunately two orders were lost in the chaos and having to pay Royal Mail to deliver replacements is extremely annoying.

If alternative services weren't so expensive then I would be using them instead.

Thanks to everyone for their patience in these very trying times.

18th October 2007

The postal backlog continues to cause problems. I keep stock to a minimum, and normally this isn't a problem as my printer is very quick, but they're obviously having similar problems and most likely a backlog of their own caused by all the orders arriving at once.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon, and I appreciate your patience at this time.

On a more positive note, I've now added some 'detail' views to many of my images to show what they look like close-up.

It's very hard to show the quality of the images on the internet - size and bandwidth considerations strip away a lot of the quality, and there's also the problem of different displays. I have two NEC screens, one is a Budget model and the other a more Professional screen, and the difference between them is very obvious. Hopefully the detail view will help.

12th October 2007

I've been refining the auction request process and have hopefully managed to explain the process more clearly in the prices page and in the actual email request that is sent.

I've also reduced the prices slightly on the large prints as I don't want you to miss out on these impressive images. Small are nice, Medium are lovely, but Large have the WOW factor !

9th October 2007

Well, I'm soon to be the proud owner of a 'Amateur Photographer Loves My Pictures' mug with two of my early images printed today.

They were part of a larger collection that were to be published as a reader portfolio - but that series was dropped, and a couple were selected for the new 'reader pictures' pages instead.

I'll see if I can get something more recent published - I might even get editor's choice next time ;-)

The revamp of the site seems to be having some effect with a lot more interest and a steady stream of auction requests, as well as a few Paypal purchases. A load of new images with more to come has also probably helped.

4th October 2007

Amateur Photographer are planning to show some of my images in the October 13 issue which normally comes out the Tuesday before - so that could be next Tuesday the 9th.

I don't know what the images will be - They may be landscapes or images of my brothers band, or a mixture of both !

I'm away this weekend and Monday in the New Forest, so apologies to any EBAY winners - I'll be getting back to you on Monday night.

The post are also on strike, so deliveries are also likely to be delayed.

30th September 2007

Another 2 Images of Trebarwith have now been added.

29th September 2007

Another image of Duckpool, and two of Trebarwith have been added. I'm still working on Trebarwith Images and hope to have some more done over the weekend.

And this evening, another 7 images including Trebarwith, Duckpool and Widemouth Bay.

More to come tomorrow...

27th September 2007

11 Images of Duckpool have now been added. Trebarwith, Tintagel and The new Forest are to follow over the next few days.

26th September 2007

Postage and Packing prices have been reduced to be more in line with EBAY. And a new 'International Postage' item has been added that overrides the postage calculations for International Buyers. It has also allowed the postage reductions for UK buyers.

25th September 2007

Another 4 images added today, including my first from the New Forest.

I'm currently adding more images of Trebarwith and will also be starting a section on Duck Pool - Watch this space !

23rd September 2007

Some late-night coding has added some auction graphics to the EBAY auction requests to replace the rather unprofessional looking hyperlinks.

I can now concentrate on adding new images, and two beach and one sunset have been added today with more to follow soon.