Framing your Pictures

To protect and display your picture properly, it's well worth getting it framed.

I'm asked many times why I don't do Mounted and Framed versions of my prints, and there are two main reasons...

Firstly it would be much cheaper for you to take one of my un mounted prints to your local framing shop and get them to do it for you.

Secondly, it's very difficult and expensive to send a mounted or framed picture through the post, especially if it involves glass, which is very likely to get broken.


If you can travel to Hinckley in Leicestershire then you can buy my pictures already mounted and framed from The Frame Game

They don't have every one of my pictures available, but it will only take them a few days to get it for you - I suggest you give them a call to check before you visit.


If you're feeling really brave then you could get your own frame from the high street and do it yourself.


A couple of tips...

Clip frames or anything that touches the front of the image are likely to get stuck to it, which will be a problem if you want to remove it afterwards.

If a picture isn't properly fixed or mounted then it may get distorted over time - especially if it gets cold or slightly damp.