Lottery Companion PC Download Page

Please note that a new version is being worked on that will include the new Thunderball Tuesday draw. It's a major uppgrade in that it's also changing from Delphi 4 to C#

For the Lotto Draw please continue to use 2.57 and the [DL] buttons.

Latest Version 2.57

Use this page to Download and Update your copies of Lottery Companion PC, and the draw data files that go with the program.

Version 2.56 was a quick fix for the new Lotto draw.

Version 2.57 allows you to pick and edit Lotto numbers between 1 and 59

Version 3 is still under development.

Please install one of the versions below and then copy down and unzip the new executable file found here : Version 2.57 to replace the existing version of LotteryCompanion.exe

Version 3.0 is still being developed in .net / C# and will follow ASAP.

Lottery Companion is written for all 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, and has been tested on
Windows 95, Windows 98, NT 4, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Download Files (Approx. 8 Meg for the complete program)

Please note that the files are all compressed into ZIP format. If your computer doesn't recognise this format then I can recommend the free 7-zip application.

Please Select from the links below .

Note that LotteryCompanion.exe will then need replacing with the version 2.57 file.


This version installs to Program Files\Lottery Companion

Lottery Companion 2.54 Windows 95/98/2000/XP

Vista / Windows 7 / 8

This version installs to My Documents\Lottery Companion to get around the problems copying registration files to the installation directory due to the new Vista / Windows 7 security.

Lottery Companion 2.54 Windows Vista / 7 / 8

Update Files

If you have a working copy of Lottery Companion then copy the two files below.
Lottery Companion.exe will replace your existing file, and LCPC.chm is the new HTML help file that it uses.


Brief notes follow on how to Install the application.

To Register or Re-register Lottery Companion Please use this Link.


Select the file using the link above and then either [Run] it directly or [Save] and run it later.

Setup.exe will then start and you will be shown a series of dialogues - please ignore any warnings about the publisher being unknown!

It's recommended that you keep to the default options. So keep selecting the [Next] button until the [Install] button appears and then select that one instead.

The final dialogue lets you read the release notes and run the program straight away.

Afterwards you will find it in your Program menu in 'Lottery Companion' and as an Icon on your desktop.


If you have problems viewing the forms in the program then it could be due to advanced display options that were introduced in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Right-Click on the Lottery Companion Shortcut on your Desktop and Select Properties.

Then select the Compatibility Tab.

In the 'Compatibility Mode' section select an older operating system. Keep trying until you find one that works.

In Display Settings you can also select '[v] Display Visual Themes'.

Program Removal

To remove the program select your Start Button, Then Settings, Then Control Panel and finally the Add / Remove programs Applet.

Find Lottery Companion and remove it


If you have any problems, spot any bugs, or have an idea to improve the program then please drop me an Email.

Draw Data Updates

If you have a Registered and full version of Lottery Companion then you can use the Download option to keep your draw data files fully up to date.

Otherwise you can download the Draw Data files from here as a zip file. Use an extractor such as Winzip and place the files in the same directory as Lottery Companion. This is usually C:\Program Files\Lottery Companion - Note that this file also contains the latest draw machine information, so if a new machine has been added and you can't 'Download' then be sure to grab this file.


If you have difficulties downloading or installing the program then please send me an email and I'll be happy to help.