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Latest Version : System aXs 3.1
Released : 16th Jan 2010

Shareware or Trialware. You can run System aXs with up to five system entries as Shareware, or 100 system entries as Trialware. The registered version gives you 999 System entries. See the Registration page for more details.

System aXs is an application designed to take all the hassle out of accessing secure applications and Web sites.

As well as making it easy, it also allows you to increase your security.

It can also be used to access the documents, applications and even on-the-fly batch files that you use most on your computer.

Equally at home on a single users PC or in a corporate environment, it takes the headache out of security.

We've all seen the headlines "My Identity was Stolen"',"Government 'CD's go Missing",''Online Site Hacked" etc etc, so how can you protect yourself - apart from never going on-line ever again ?

Well, here are a few basics...

1. Make sure that you have an Anti-Virus application loaded and up to date to stop your data being destroyed or stolen.

2. Use a firewall -Software or Hardware, to protect your PC from attack. Unlike dial-up, Broadband leaves your PC connected for hours at a time, which gives Hackers plenty of time to play!

3. Scan for Ad-ware - This is software installed when you visit Web Pages that monitors your browsing.

4. Use individual and complex passwords that can't be guessed.

Sounds expensive and complicated right ?

Well it doesn't have to be...

Here are a few cheap-as-chips options..

1. AVG is a Free anti virus program that works extremely well.

2. A router is much easier to use than a USB Modem, and most come with a Hardware Firewall. If you're using BT Broadband then you can pick up a BT Home Hub on EBAY for around a Tenner - Yes Really !

3. Adaware has a free version that is also extremely effective, and Microsoft has a free anti-spyware program called Windows Defender.

4. System aXs

So let's take a look at the forth option and see how System aXs can help you.

Important Sites, Applications and Data are normally protected by user names and passwords.

The problem is, as a person you need to be able to remember them - otherwise you won't be able to get in yourself.

And it's not just stopping people viewing your previous orders on Amazon that's the problem, you're credit card details may also be stored on the site.

We can afford to be a bit lax on the user name, and many sites now rely on Email addresses.

But the password is a different matter.

Being human, we go for something we can remember, a car registration or your child's name with the L's changes to 1's and O's changed to Zero's maybe, and then we use it at every opportunity.

Or why not just use 'password' ? - Lot's of people do! - And that's the thing that hackers rely on.

The computer on the other hand, has no problem in using passwords that we haven't a hope of remembering. !B5ZVh0iBexz-~P %iH=T4mOs5W("DQ for example.

System aXs allows you to use computer generated passwords on your own PC, and also when traveling by using a special 'Mobile' mode installation on a USB Stick.

And as long as you use one good password to protect your System aXs data, you can have as many un-crackable passwords as you want - Up to 999 anyway !

The thief also needs access to your personal computer or memory stick, which is another layer of security. You could even be using a password-protected USB stick or Hard Drive.

If you asked me what my EBAY password was for example, I couldn't tell you. But then I don't need to know it as System aXs handles all that for me.

A click on the Password button, and a Ctrl/V (Paste) on the password field, and I'm logged in.

System aXs is quick, easy to use, and very reliable.

So why not give it a try ? - Select the Download link right now...

Are you a software reviewer or Shareware site ? - Here's the PAD file.

If you have Any problems or Questions then please Email me

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