System aXs Security

So how secure is System aXs ?



Your data is encrypted using new and original algorithms designed specifically for the application.

The data is also padded out, so even finding your data in encrypted form is a major problem for a hacker.

The amount of data we need to store is relatively small, so we can really go to town on the encryption without affecting your PC's performance.

There are no back-doors, and the only way that anyone would be able to have a chance at cracking the encryption would be by having access to my source code, and even then it would have to be a brute-force approach.

Keep your master password a mix of letters, numbers and other characters with a minimum length of 6, and you should be OK.

The longer the master password, the better.

DON'T use a PIN code - A test application that I wrote that uses the System aXs source code took around 10 seconds to crack a password that was know to be a 4-digit numerical pin.

5-Digit codes with mixed characters took several hours to crack, and I gave up testing on 6-digit passwords.

7 or 8 mixed characters is even better - Every extra character takes you to a new level of security.



The last four copies of your personal data are all stored in a folder called 'SystemaXs' within My Documents.

As long as the SystemaXs folder is included in your backup routines, you shouldn't lose any data if your PC dies.

Tip : Never trust your data to a single device.

Hard drives are heavily used devices with lots of moving parts, and they are one of the most likely components to fail in your computer.

I have two separate drives in my PC, and backup data frequently from one to the other. I also use writable DVD's and external hard drives as a second and even a third backup.

Also, consider taking your backup data off-site. Consider what would happen if someone helped themselves to your hardware or if your home or office was to suffer a fire or flood.

As far as System aXs is concerned, the worst that could happen is that you end up asking for password resets to be sent to your email address - you will never be locked out of a system permanently.



System aXs isn't open source, it's compiled Delphi Pascal.

Open source is a wonderful thing, but some applications need their inner workings hidden from view - And a security application is one of them in my opinion!


Network Security

The only way that System aXs is able to interface with your web based systems is by using the windows copy and paste buffer.

No HTTP, FTP or other networking components are included in the application, so it can't access the internet directly.

If you have the tools to monitor network activity then you shouldn't see anything coming in or out of System aXs.

So you won't be sending me your password details over the web!


PC Security

PC security is a serious problem and you need to make sure that Anti-Virus is working and up to date and a software or hardware based firewall is protecting your PC.

Keeping on top of Ad-ware is also recommended.

If key logger software has been installed on your PC, or if someone has plugged a monitoring device between your keyboard and computer, then everything you type will be logged - whether you're using System aXs or not!