System aXs EBAY Feedback

System aXs is very new, so specific feedback is very limited at the moment.

My customers are very good to me, and almost always take the time to leave very individual feedback which is greatly appreciated.

A few have taken the time to visit the Softpedia site and leave full reviews which is really appreciated :-)


System aXs EBAY Feedback

"Very pleased with goods and service, communication excellent A1" - Peter from Solihull, UK


System aXs Reviews from the Softpedia Site

Steve Body

Prior to using this application, like many others, I tended to use the same password for everything. Obviously dangerous to say the least. I now use this application on both my work and home PCs and use it on a daily basis. I even have a copy on my USB stick which is great as I often use other PCs. Its fast and easy to use and has certainly made my password usage very secure. A small unobtrusive application, it may not be pretty, but it does the job well.

Andy Ward

Before using this Wonderful little package, I was always loosing important information and always ringing up and getting password reset.
Not with this little beaut...
I know only remember 2 passwords, easy now.
Also I use it to sort more important information, and making a backup of the important information is a doddle, just copy the files onto a pendrive.
How easy is that.

User : somayap

I think this is the best thing that I came across.
I forget a lot of things, and this application has made it very easy for me to be able to log on to different applications without of having any worries about log on details.

Very good application to use

Peter Wilson

I have used aXs from the outset as I was in a mess with all my passwords. I've never looked back. I only wish I had had the programme years ago!