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Current Version : System aXs 3.1

Released 16th Jan 2010

Download Current Version of System aXs

Please note that you need MS Word or a Word Viewer to read the Guide

Read the new System aXs Guide (included in the main Setup.exe file)

Word Viewer 2003 from Microsoft (If you don't have Microsoft Word Installed)

Word Viewer 97 (For Pre-Windows 2000 Systems)

Release Notes


Previous Version : System aXs 3.03

Released 9th May 2009

Download Previous Version of System aXs


Select the file using the link above and then either [Run] it directly or [Save] and run it later.

The Setup file will then start and you will be shown a series of dialogues - please ignore any warnings about the publisher being unknown!

If it says that System aXs is already installed, then follow the Program Removal process below before continuing. This won't remove any of your personal data files...

Vista users will also have some extra dialogues asking for permission to continue.

It's recommended that you keep to the default options. So keep selecting the [Next] button until the [Install] button appears and then select that one instead.

The final dialogue lets you run the program straight away.

Afterwards you will find it in your Program menu in the System aXs folder and as an Icon on your desktop.


Running System aXs

When you run System aXs for the first time you will get a screen asking for a password.

This is your Master password, and it will be used to secure your personal data from now on.

Input a password of your choice, and you will be taken into the program.

You will need to use the same password the next time you run System aXs.

You can now evaluate the program with a maximum of 5 system entries.

For a comprehensive trail, find the monthly trial codes from the Registration page and you will be able to use up to 100 System entries. As long as you keep coming back for more Monthly codes, you can keep using System aXs in this way.

Should you find that you find the program useful, then you can visit the same Registration page and purchase a full Registration code which will work at all times and give you up to 999 system entries.

To enter your Trial or Full registration codes, select the 'Conf' Tab and then the 'Register' Tab and copy the User Name and Registration codes across. Be careful not to add extra spaces.

Then exit and re-run System aXs and on the Logon screen you should see your Name or Trial registration.


Program Removal

To remove the program select your Start Button, Then Settings, Then Control Panel and finally the Add / Remove programs Applet.

In Vista, use the 'Uninstall a program' option from the Control Panel

Find 'System aXs' and then remove it



If you have any problems, spot any bugs, or have an idea to improve the program then please drop me an Email.



If you have difficulties downloading or installing the program then please send me an email and I'll be happy to help.



Please go to the Registration page.